• Artisan jams, jellies and preserves in a wide variety of flavors and combinations.
  • Savory jams for use in marinades, spreads, and even on toast.
  • Pie fillings, spreads for scones, muffins, and thumbprint cookies.
  • Fruit syrups and several kinds of marmalade.

We use fresh, seasonal fruits and herbs, and feature produce from our garden and from the beautiful State of Washington.  

Luna's Garden Artisan Jams, Jellies & More


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Luna's Classics

We offer upgrades on traditional flavors like strawberry, peach, and berry jams.  We use local, fresh ingredients, many of them from my own garden.  We specialize in lower sugar, maximum fruit flavor compared to most store-bought jams.

Pepper Jelly

These aren't your grandmother's jams and jellies.  We have several pepper jellies: Dragon's Glow, Dragon's Breath, Dragon's Ghost, Apple-Pepper (red and green), and Cranberry-Habanero to start. Ask for a no added sugar version.

Our Product Lines

Distinctive jams, jellies and preserves made from fresh ingredients.

Twists and Turns

At Luna's Garden we like to test the boundaries of traditional jams. Fruits pared together, with herbs, chocolate, and even vegetables make for delicious flavor combinations. Think beyond just toast!  Ask about our sample boxes.