Luna's Garden Artisan Jams

We can't wait for spring when the strawberries and cherries are ripe and ready.  Until then, try out one of our delicious jams and jellies available in the store.  Be sure to check back often.  We have new flavors all the time.

Welcome 2018!  Our flavors and selections change every season.  So be sure to visit our store to select from what we have available today.  

Whether you are snuggled down in a cold, wet winter or enjoying mild winter days, jams and jellies from Luna's Garden makes every day better. We are eagerly awaiting the new fruit harvest, but still have plenty of flavors available in our store.  Visit our store to see all of the flavors now available.  Also, if you don't see what you want, let us know about it. We'll make it just for you.

Luna's Garden artisan jams.  Gourmet food.